The Picture Parlour is a classically styled photo booth. White and elegant it will fit in with any event whether corporate launch or inland wedding. We are there to entertain your guests and have them leave with a fun personalised reminder in their handbags! Each time they look at the fridge at home or their workstation at work they will be reminded of the experience and celebration.

Step in and press the button to start the process and leave with a professionally printed compilation of the 4 photographs. Each session is automated with our Canon DSLRs and soft flattering softball lighting.

Add props to the experience to make it even more fun! Crazy glasses, colourful wigs, fans, boas, hats and other interesting props to add flavour to your event! With an abundance of props and 4 photos per session you can unleash your creativity. We can even match your event’s theme, be it a summer beach vibe or halloween affair, we will bring along some straw hats or ghoulish masks.

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We are always posting our locations to fabulous events and weddings that need that touch of style with a classy photo booth.